One of the most popular ways to consume marijuana is through a vape pen due to its ease of use and portability. However, there are some things that you should consider when it comes to using this device. 

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should know about the various components of a vape pen and how you can improve your safety experience.

The Basic of Batteries and Cartridges 

To turn on the v1, remove the screws from the cartridge and press the beaker button five times.

The v1 has three different heat settings set by the other colors. To change the setting, press the button three times. The resulting color will vary along with the setting.

Some consumers prefer the considerable cloud experience, while others prefer to use our delightful concentrates. Medium heat draws are ideal for the health of your cartridge and the absorption of cannabinoids. 

Basics of Using the Vape

The v1 is powered by its button-fired design, which allows it to engage the heating element and vaporize the contents of the cartridge. For the best experience, hold the button for half a second and start vaping. You can also release the button several seconds before your hit ends.

The button doesn’t require holding it for several seconds during a draw, as the warmed oil will automatically enter the chamber once the cartridge firing has completed. By releasing the button before the end of your draw, you can prevent the oil and other components from getting stuck in the tank.

Taking the Hit

Since the device is vaporizing and extracting more oil simultaneously, it doesn’t require much airflow to produce a clean, solid hit. This is because the device is not demanding much enthusiasm to achieve a clean, solid hit. The more significant, more aggressive pulls produced by the vape pen can deliver a harsher impact on the lungs and heighten the risk of a clog.

Troubleshooting Any Clogs

If you frequently use an excessively high heat setting, your vape pen might experience a problem with its cartridge. A warming function built into the v1 can help remove the blockage, but this should only be used to clear it. Pre-heating the oil is unnecessary, as it can cause additional damage and prolong the hit.

If the issue is severe, a more involved solution might be needed. A straightforward way to clear the oil buildup in the vapor shaft is by running a toothpick down the side of the cartridge.