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About Dr. Noah Minskoff

InnovoSciences’ Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer is Noah Minskoff. Noah has consistently focused on solving complex problems in the healthcare industry since he founded the company, which is a goal he has addressed throughout his career.


In his role as Founder and Program Director of the Bench to Bedside Medical Device and Design Program, Noah Minskoff was a general surgery resident at Stanford University. The course provided a unique opportunity for business students, medical students, and engineering students to come up with ideas and concepts for improving medical devices that can be used to treat patients.

Noah has been working on a number of projects related to micro electrochemical technology. Noah and his team worked on the creation of sensors for detecting uranium and plutonium in water for the NNSA. Noah also collaborated with the University’s Physics department on the development of a lab on a chip protein-sensing panel that was based on an electrochemical sensor.In addition, Noah collaborated with the University’s Physics department to develop an electrochemical protein-sensing panel that was based on a lab-on-a-chip.

To read more about Dr. Noah Minskoff, visit his other website, drnoahminskoff.com.

Dr. Noah Minskoff Min

Background Experience

Cofounder & COO/CSO
InnovoSciences LLC
August 2014 – November 2016

InnovoSciences was a private company that is committed to solving challenging problems in healthcare through innovation. Our core focus is identifying areas of unmet clinical need where we feel that we can make a meaningful impact on the lives of patients through the use of new technologies and applications.

Co-Founder InnoVapor
InnoVapor LLC
January 2008 – January 2013

InnoVapor is a small company initially founded to evaluate Electronic Cigarettes and similar technology as potential alternatives to tobacco smoking. I established a partnership with the first European manufacturer of the nicotine liquids used in these devices. InnoVapor is a company that has always been extremely customer centric. This has provided an extremely useful resource as we have continued to advance the technology, based on direct feedback from the consumer. InnoVapor developed several new products working with manufacturers in China in 2008-2009. This experience lead to the development of Apex Vapor L.L.C. and the resulting direct vaporizer manufacturing capabilities here in the USA. InnoVapor continues to serve as a distribution outlet for T.E.T.

Co-Founder, University of Utah BioInnovate Program
University of Utah- College of Engineering
January 2010 – May 2011

The purpose of the BioInnovate program is to provide a unique opportunity for resident physicians, bioengineering graduate students, and medical students at the University of Utah to design and develop new medical devices and technology while earning an MS in Bioengineering in a single year. This new program, which started in July, 2011 aims to provide a comprehensive biomedical device design training program through the use of a multidisciplinary, hands-on teaching approach in classroom, clinical, and laboratory settings. Students from engineering, medicine, business, and law backgrounds are trained in clinical problem identification, medical device innovation, and commercial translation; all within the regulatory framework of the FDA. Students immerse themselves within clinical environments and learn to observe procedures, the utilization of medical devices, and interact with patients and clinicians to uncover unmet clinical needs. Students then translate these unmet needs into medical device concepts that are refined for commercial potential. More information at http://www.bioinnovate.utah.edu/.

Reynolds American Inc.
August 2014 – August 2016

Worked extensively developing next generation technologies in the run up to BAT’s acquisition of RAI. Won the Innovator of the Year award in 2015, selected from among all RAI’s outside consultants and service providers.

General Surgery Resident
Stanford University
2011 – 2012

General Surgical Internship

Apex Vapor L.LC.
January 2009 – 2011

Apex Vapor (AV) technology served as the foundation for Thermo-Essence Technologies. AV was started to develop new vaporizer technology that resulted in a safer and more effective commercially available electronic cigarette. When AV was founded, all electronic cigarette technology was Chinese, and all of these products were imported, of questionable quality, and largely ineffective as pulmonary drug delivery device. AV developed a novel and fully American made electronic cigarette that is both safer, and more effective. AV’s safe atomizer technology is currently being used by over 10 thousand customers who are no longer smoking, and has defined a new standard for safety, and performance in the industry. The University of Naples in a smoking cessation trial being conducted by Dr. Dr. Nicola Gianmarco Ponsillo is also using AV vaporizers with their trial patients. Apex Vapor and T.E.T. are also notable for several industry leading technological firsts.

Head Research Assistant
Boise State University
2004 – 2007

I have worked on several research projects in the area of micro-electrochemical sensors. We developed a novel sensor technology for the sub-parts per million detection of uranium and plutonium in water for the National Nuclear Security Administration. I was extensively involved with the development of that new technology during my two years working with Dr. Russell. I also worked in a joint project with the Department of Physics to developer a “lab on a chip” protein-sensing array using an electrochemical sensor.

Analytical Chemistry Research Laboratory Manager
Boise State University
2005 – 2007

While at Boise State University I was responsible for the oversight of seven student researchers and all aspects of their respective projects. Additionally, I was in charge of training the research students on how to operate the various instruments as well as how to follow proper documentation and safety protocols. I also coordinated joint research efforts conducted with the Departments of Physics and Engineering. The research group worked on a variety of projects with funding from the NIH (pass through from Potential Pharmaceuticals), the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Agency.

Thermo-Essence Technologies
September 2011 – January 2013

Thermo-Essence Technologies (T.E.T.) is a non-funded start-up company that develops, and sells innovative and effective vaporizers that are used as alternatives to smoking. T.E.T. is, fundamentally, a harm reduction company that focuses on translating the current best science into successful commercial products. In addition to being co-inventor of the core technologies, I also lead the design, development, and distribution of over 20 commercial products. T.E.T. distributes vaporizers globally. T.E.T. is a US manufacturer and is located in San Carlos, California. More information on T.E.T. can be found at http://thermovape.com, Tech Crunch company profile http://techcrunch.com/2012/08/11/techcrunch-makers-inside-the-thermovape-factory.

Founder and Program Director Bench to Bedside Medical Device and Design Program
University of Utah
January 2010 – May 2011

Bench to Bedside Medical Device and Design Program; The Bench to Bedside Medical Device Concept and Design program provided a competitive opportunity for medical students, engineering students, and business students to develop a medical device concept or to develop a concept for a novel improvement of a current medical device. I developed the program from concept through execution. Over 80 medical, bioengineering, and business students participated in the program, and 50 advisors from the School’s of Medicine, Engineering, Business, as well as private industry worked directly with the student teams. I raised $250,000 in funding to provide support for the program we had 7 of a total of 14 student teams awarded $70,000 for continued development of their novel technology. In addition 14 provisional patents were filed by the University of Utah Technology Commercialization office from Intellectual Property generated from the students participating in the program. More information at http://www.techventures.utah.edu/b2b. I am featured in the video.

Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
Boise State University
2006 – 2007

While completing my undergraduate education at Boise State University I was hired to teach a general chemistry laboratory course. The average class size was 25 students. My responsibilities included setting up and facilitating the experiments, lecturing, lab safety, grading, and holding office hours.


University of Utah School of Medicine
M.D. | Human Medicine
2007 – 2011

Activities and Societies: Founder, Translational Research Medical Student Interest Group. Organized and developed a student-ran interest group with faculty sponsorship in the Departments of Surgery and Internal Medicine that focuses on the development of new technology based on the ideas and innovations of medical students working in conjunction with faculty and the University of Utah Center for Technology Development, Technology Commercialization Office and Pierre Lassonde Entrepreneurial Center.

Graduated with clinical honors in Surgery, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics

I also was a part of the Surgical Honors Research Program:
The Surgical Honors Program is a competitive and selective course for medical students planning on entering the field of surgery. The program teaches students to independently design, develop, and conduct a surgical project. The research is presented to the Department of Surgery.

Stanford University Hospital and Clinics
2011 – 2012

General Surgery Categorical Internship. *
While at Stanford I was honored with the Service Spotlight Award “For exemplary contribution to the patient experience at Stanford Hospital & Clinics” presented by SHC Chief Executive Officer, Amir Rubin.

* Voluntarily took leave from Stanford due to family health issues.

Boise State University
BS | Biochemistry
2004 – 2007

Boise State University
BS | Molecular and Cell Biology
2004 – 2007

Boise State University
BS | Health Sciences
2004 – 2007

University of Utah – David Eccles School of Business
Fellowship | New Technology and Business Development | Post-Graduate
2010 – 2011

Activities and Societies: Biolnnovate, Bench 2 Bedside Medical Device Development, Translational research and Venture Development.

Worked in a highly dynamic and cross-functional environment learning skills associated with developing new medical technology and products. Focusing on the integration of student, faculty and university resources to design, develop, test, patent and prototype novel medical technology. Many of these new technologies were then developed into new companies with the purpose of commercializing the technology.

Volunteer Experience

Epilepsy Foundation of Idaho
January 2004 – May 2007


Field Portable Electrochemical Sensors for Water-Borne Contaminants
Inland Northwest Research Alliance Environmental Sensing Symposium. October 25, 2007

The development of transuranic aqueous metal ion systems.
Proceedings of Boise State University 4th Annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference April 16, 2007

Field Portable electrochemical sensor for uranium and other actinides in aqueous media.
American Chemical Society Notherwest Regional Meeting June 18, 2007

An AFM-FET biosensor for proteomic screening.
Proceedings of Boise State University 4th Annual Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Conference April 16, 2007

Field portable electrochemical sensor for uranium and other actinides in aqueous samples
The Northwest Regional Meeting (June 17 – 20, 2007)
June 17, 2007