Any new experience can be intimidating if one doesn’t take the time to understand what they’re approaching. That’s true even in the vaping world. Many people don’t understand the process and thus misunderstand or think poorly of it.

With the rising number of states legalizing cannabis, the concept of vaping cannabis has become more common. For those that have ever wondered what the experience is like or how to get into it, this guide will help.

Basic Supplies

Naturally, before one can try vaping cannabis, they’re going to have to get their hands on some basic supplies. One size does not remotely fit all in the vaping world. As such, even experienced vapers will have to gather the appropriate supplies for an optimal experience.

The basics include cannabis vape pens and vape pods. For those hoping to go all out on their gear, consider picking up a dab rig while you are at it. And, of course, you’ll have to pick the appropriate form of cannabis for vaping (see below).

Cannabis Supplies

There are various options available for vaping cannabis. To start with, one must choose between THC and CBD. Both are available in oil forms and thus easily used in a vaping pen. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the psychoactive element within cannabis. Alternatively, there’s CBD, which means cannabidiol. CBD is the non-psychoactive element of cannabis.

Additionally, there are many forms of cannabis to choose from, including extracts, oils, and concentrates. Oils are the optimal choice as they typically provide the best experience, which is the goal for many vapers.

The Benefits

You might be wondering what the benefits are of vaping cannabis instead of any of the alternatives (including traditional smoking or edibles). Vaping cannabis provides many positive benefits of cannabis, including pain management and anxiety reduction. Furthermore, it comes with fewer negatives than traditional combustion methods. In other words, it has fewer toxins, a more efficient delivery system, and a better taste. All of which results in a better and healthier experience. 

Cleaning and Maintenance

Many different vape devices have additional care requirements. It is critical to read the guides that come with your new device and ensure proper care is taken. Doing so will increase the longevity of your vape pen while also making for a safer experience all around.