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Dr. Noah Minskoff is the Co-Founder, Chief Operating Officer, and Chief Strategy Officer of InnovoSciences. The company was created to provide an atmosphere of innovation in order to solve complex problems in the healthcare industry, which is a goal that Noah has steadfastly focused on throughout his entire career.

Noah‘s schooling started at Boise State University, where he got a double bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology. While working on his undergraduate studies, he was hired to instruct a chemistry class. In addition to this workload and school requirements, Noah was assigned the responsibility of supervising other student researchers and the specifics of their particular projects. Noah also united and monitored research team collaborations among the Physics and Engineering departments. These projects were supported and encouraged by the Department of Energy, the National Institutes of Health, and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA).

Several of Noah’s initiatives have focused on micro electrochemical technology. Noah Minskoff and his team were extensively involved in the development of a new method of uranium and plutonium detection in water for the NNSA. Noah also worked with the University’s Physics department to create a lab-on-a-chip protein-sensing panel founded on a modified electrode.

Noah went on to the University of Utah School of Medicine after graduating. He received his medical degree in Human Medicine and attended the David Eccles School of Business, where he studied Technology and Business Development. Noah co-founded Apex Vapor, LLC, which served as the foundation for his next venture, Thermo-Essence Technologies. AV products were created in order to investigate novel vaporizing technologies for electronic cigarettes which were safer, more effective, built in the United States, and commercially accessible to the general public. His atomizer technology created a new industry standard and is now used by tens of thousands of individuals who no longer consume regular cigarettes. Noah was also a co-founder of the university’s BioInnovate Program, which enabled medical students, bioengineering graduate students, and resident doctors to develop and build biomedical equipment.

As a general surgery resident at Stanford University, Noah Minskoff was the Founder and Program Director of the Bench to Bedside Medical Device and Design Program. This course provided an opportunity for business students, medical students, and engineering students to develop new or improved medical device concepts that could be directly used as a way to treat patients.

To read more about Dr. Noah Minskoff, visit his other website, drnoahminskoff.com.

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